Under limited supervision and in a very hands-on manner, the property manager oversees and coordinates, using a team oriented approach, all property management, concierge, leasing and turn-over activities in order to maximize the property owner’s investment. The Property Manager reports to the Regional Manager, works in tandem with the Chief Engineer and with the support of an Assistant Property Manager and other support staff. The property manager ensures that all phases of the property operate smoothly and efficiently by implementing procedures as set forth by the Management Company and/or the Regional Manager and by carrying out his or her responsibilities and delegating tasks to other property staff. The property manager is responsible for overseeing the property in a professional, ethical and efficient manner within the framework of Fair Housing, Real Estate, OSHA, MSDS, and any other pertinent Federal, State and Local laws.


1. Maintains professional and positive relations with agencies and public officials.
2. Handles all executive correspondence for the property including but not limited to communication with attorney, accountant and vendors.
3. Maintains/Updates BBL/COO/COE documents as needed.
4. Holds weekly office staff meetings to maintain team oriented approach and to keep staff focused and updated on events that have occurred or that are being planned.
5. Issues purchase orders for general supplies and items needed for property and authorizes staff to do same while staying within the approved budget.
6. Resolves resident issues/inquiries and maintains documentation of same.
7. Manages all accidents, incidents, and emergency situations and ensures reports are completed in a timely manner; reports all incidents to Regional Manager.
8. Stays current on industry trends and changes in regulatory requirements.
9. Maintains current industry certifications and licenses as required.
10. Conducts periodic and consistent property inspections with documentation of same.
11. Prepares weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports as directed by Regional Manager.

1. Meets with outgoing residents to perform inspection of unit prior to move-out to discuss deficiencies in the condition of the unit and potential impact on resident’s security deposit as well as the expectations and processes of the actual move, turnover of keys and refunding of security deposit, if any.
2. Monitors make-ready process and does final inspection of unit before considering it rent ready.
3. Monitors timely turnover of units and minimization of vacancy loss.
4. Approves rent concessions and other promotions as recommended by Leasing Consultant.
5. Reviews vacancy status spreadsheet daily and gives an updated copy to Regional Manager each Thursday.

1. Oversees the leasing and marketing of vacancies.
2. Follows company policy regarding the acceptance or turn-down of rental applications.
3. Maintains strong market knowledge to set new rental rates with input from Leasing Consultant for turnovers in order to facilitate quick turnaround while maximizing income for owner.
4. Responsible for the execution and accuracy of all leases including but not limited to: dates, pro-rate, utility information and Ownership name.

1. Responsible for securing contracts for recurring maintenance such as landscaping, trash removal, pest control, chimney sweeps, etc. and evaluating the performance of the various vendors.
2. Responsible for completing monthly quality control inspections of the property and maintaining and improving its appearance to maintain a clean, safe, and attractive manner at all times
3. Responsible for evaluating work of contractors and in-house maintenance staff and providing feedback to Chief Engineer regarding performance of same.

Financial/Accounts Payable/Receivable
1. Responsible for:
a. Approving and coding all invoices and ensuring that funds are available for such

b. Analyzing utility usage and investigating and reporting to RM any deviation from the norm.
c. Reviewing disbursements to ensure that bills are properly coded.
2. Review rent collections/delinquencies each month and maximize collections through contact to residents of past due balances.
3. Initiates and controls all L&T functions to include issuance of C/Q notices and the eviction process.
4. Responsible for reviewing the monthly statement for accuracy and budget compliance.
5. Responsible for preparing/filing of annual income and expense reports for DC.
6. Maintains/Reconciles Petty Cash Account
7. Prepares annual budget each fall and submits to Regional Manager for approval.


Repair & Replacement

1. Responsible for making recommendations to Regional Manager regarding needed capital improvements
2. Responsible for soliciting a minimum of 3 bids for each project as directed by Regional Manager
3. Responsible for proper record keeping regarding contracts, warranties and owner approval.

Vendor Management
1. Responsible for securing W-9 forms and Certificates of Insurance from all contractors before work begins.
2. Oversee activities of contractors, vendor personnel, and suppliers; Monitors contracts for compliance and controls costs; monitors general expenditures of unit; performs quality control inspections to ensure adherence to contract specifications and industry standards. Reports any noted deviations to RM.
3. Responsible for disclosing to Regional Manager any and all previous personal or business relationships that exist prior to hiring or contracting any work.

Supervisory/HR Related
1. Responsible for assessing the performance of and the evaluation of all direct reports.
2. Responsible for delegating an appropriate scope/amount of work, providing feedback, and developing a team oriented approach for all direct reports.
3. Reviews and updates job descriptions as needed.
4. Assesses staff development needs and training requirements and makes recommendations to RM.
5. Maintains employee files and ensures confidentiality of same.
6. Assists RM in recruiting and interviewing candidates for office positions and front desk staff.
7. Posts all required HR related notices as needed.
8. Maintains accurate time and attendance records; approves vacation requests for office staff.
9. Responsible for reviewing and approving all timesheets and leave requests.
10. Complies accurate payroll data and submits to Regional Manager for review and final approval.
11. Performs annual performance and salary review for all direct reports and maintains review schedule for all employees and ensures that reviews are done annually.

1. Required to live on-site and handle emergencies as necessary outside of usual business hours.
2. Perform miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned by Regional Manager and/or other senior staff.


1. Minimum of 5 years of Property Management Experience/3 years as a Property or Community Manager.
2. Knowledge and understanding of Fair Housing, DC Rent Control and Landlord & Tenant Laws.
3. Holds a DC Real Estate Salesperson or Property Manager’s license.
4. Proven communication, organizational and supervisory skills.
5. Strong leasing and marketing experience.
6. Knowledge and understanding of the accounting cycle including the ability to read financial statements and create budgets.
7. Ability to walk up and down steps, climb a ladder and lift up to 25 lbs; be on feet for extended periods of time.
8. Experience with Microsoft Office Suite and comfortable utilizing technology. Jenark experience a plus.



DISCLAIMER: This job description is not intended to be a complete list of all responsibilities, duties, skills, efforts, requirements or working conditions associated with the job. While it is intended to be an accurate reflection of the current job, management reserves the right to revise the job or to require that other or different tasks be performed as assigned.

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