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Frank Emmet Real Estate, Inc. is a Washington, DC Corporation that was founded in 1971 by Francis X. Emmet, Jr. The firm is the successor to Hohenstein Brothers and Donahue, Inc. another Washington, DC firm that was established in 1923.

Since the firm incorporated in 1971, our primary area of concentration has been Real Estate Management; although, we also maintain a sales division primarily to handle sales of investment properties similar to the properties that we manage. Our corporate office is currently located in Silver Spring, MD.

Over the years, the firm's management portfolio has included properties owned by the Government of the District of Columbia, the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation, banks, trusts, savings and loan institutions, fellow Realtors, partnerships, corporations and individuals. We currently manage over 300 addresses totaling around 2000 units. The properties managed include single family, multi-family (2 unit up to 420 unit), store front commercial and condominium associations.

Our Management portfolio has grown steadily as a result of inquiries, referrals, and marketing efforts aimed at both the individual owner and condominium associations. We have a dedicated staff of professionals and we are equipped to take on new management at any time.

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