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Resident Testimonials

We have been living three years in one of the Frank Emmet buildings, in Lanier Mews, and as we are moving out after 3 years to go back to our home country, we want to give a little praise especially to the people who take care of maintenance both in the office and at the ground. We have not once had a complaint that was not met almost immediately - often the same day. Very impressing! That is why you choose to live in an apartment and not in a house: you have somebody to take care of things! The two maintenance men, Butch and Pete, are always extremely helpful, kind and unstressed - and very professional when it comes to solving problems, repairing or renewing broken things. We have much enjoyed living here!


— Submitted by Jette

Client Testimonials

Approximately 4 years ago we contracted with Frank Emmet to assist in the preparation of month end financial reports, process invoices, process payroll, and assist with Personnel situations. We have been most pleased with their professional attitude, their cooperative nature, and most importantly their efficient accounting operation which results in timely and accurate financial reporting. Their accounting operation and efficiency is “second to none”. They are always willing to assist and offer suggestions to improve the operation. Cannot recommend them highly enough.


— Submitted by Myles Levin, CPM® General Manager, Carillon House Apartments






My husband, Frank Doyle, was in real estate for over 30 years and he had built up a significant portfolio. When he passed away in 1985, Frank Emmet had already been managing the portfolio since 1975. I was at a total loss what to do with the properties. Frank Emmet assured me that they would continue to manage the properties as they did for my husband. They took my portfolio and managed it like my husband would have expected. They provided professional maintenance to the properties as well as any legal services that might have been required. The company kept me involved and informed as well as taking a lot of the burden off on my shoulders in the day to day running of the portfolio. They have always given me professional as well as personal service throughout the last 38 years. My husband would be proud of how they have managed our properties and I am proud to be a client of theirs.


— Joanne Doyle, Client of Frank Emmet Real Estate, Washington DC






My wife and I have owned and managed over twenty apartment buildings in the Washington, DC area. However, after forty years we decided to retire. We looked for an aggressive management company, one that we could trust to care for our assets as we did. Having worked in the management field for over forty years, I knew quite a few of the competing businesses in the Washington DC area. We narrowed our choice of good managing businesses to one who, in our opinion, stood out above all others, Frank Emmet Real Estate, Inc. We found that they had experienced, tenant friendly managers who controlled operations, but pleased the tenants with fair dealings. The day to day maintenance services are handled by experienced, friendly personnel who the tenants get to know and trust. We have been extremely satisfied with the staff that manages our properties; they care about our properties as we do. We highly recommend them to anyone who wants their properties managed successfully.


— Sincerely, Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Plante


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